Mostly Hearty Meals

Hello! My name is Heather and I’m addicted to making recipes I find on Pinterest, Tasty, SoDelicious, and other Facebook food pages I follow. Every week I sit down and write out a weekly dinner menu. I try to make sure there’s a decent variety of veggies, meats, and other sides.

Occasionally, I see friends post recipes on Facebook that they have personally made, but more often I see friends asking for new recipes to try. So, I decided to share my weekly menus and thoughts (and if I added my own variation) on each recipe.

I’m not much of a baker, but I have been known to try a sweet treat recipe from time to time. So, when I do get a baking bug I’ll add that recipe as well. I also want to let you know most of these are not my recipes. Though I have conjured up a few on my own, I’m not very creative in the kitchen and prefer to follow directions rather than make my own awesomeness. I’ll provide links in case anyone would like to “Pin it for later”.

This week’s menu…

Honey Lemon Chicken Lettuce Wraps
This recipe was a quick and light, but filling meal. My only recommendation – don’t use butter lettuce; use the bib lettuce listed in the recipe. I made this mistake and will remember it when I’m fighting to keep the chicken and other ingredients in a piece of lettuce that’s too thin. But, hey, live and learn. It was still delicious, nonetheless. Even if it ended up turning into a pile of lettuce, chicken, rice, and toppings.

Blackberry Sage Pork Chops with butter and thyme rice, and roasted carrots with dill
Mistake number 1, I didn’t make sure I had enough blackberry jam. Thankfully, my husband was willing to run out to the store. I used fresh sage instead of the dried sage the recipe calls for. Personally, I like fresh sage over dried. I think it gives the meal a better, stronger sage flavor.
The butter and thyme rice I created on a whim. I didn’t want to serve plain rice. The butter was out, the thyme was within arms reach and that’s how it was created.
The roasted carrots with dill were super tasty! I’m a big fan of dill, so any recipe that includes it usually catches my attention.

Breakfast Cups
This recipe is one of those occasions where I started creating something on my own. It was a morning when my husband wasn’t working and I decided to make him a nice breakfast. I had seen a few recipes that were similar, so I used them as a guideline.

Hashbrowns (grated 2-3 cups of potatoes)
Cooked Bacon – 6-7 pieces
Chopped green onion
6 beaten eggs with milk
Shredded cheese
Salt and pepper

Spray muffin tin with cooking spray. Put enough potatoes in each muffin cup to mold into cup shape. Add chopped green onions. Add crumbled bacon. Pour eggs into cup until full. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add shredded cheese. Bake at 375 for 20-30 mins.

Roast Beef Recipe with mashed potatoes and asparagus
This roast beef recipe is truly a winner. It’s super simple and incredibly tasty. However, try to find and even shaped roast. When you’re supposed to put the fatty side up, but the opposite side is narrower, your roast falls over. Also, don’t ask your husband to take over the gravy part. It was a bit of a fail, but the roast had so much flavor the gravy wasn’t necessary.
For asparagus, I like to put them in a microwave safe dish, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle salt and pepper, add chopped garlic, and just enough water to cover the bottom of the dish. Mix up the bunch, cover with saran wrap, and microwave for 5 mins. Perfectly cooked asparagus, every time.

BLT Grilled Cheese Sandwich with fries
My husband actually took over the kitchen for this meal. The concept is great, but the lettuce wilts. Yes, I figured it would. However, this one is still worth a try. Quick and easy weekday dinner or lunch.

Piri Piri Chicken with cauliflower rice
This was such a great recipe. So much flavor and all around great meal. I did have to cut the spicy ingredients in half because I’m not sure that my toddler would enjoy that much spice. He is a fan of spicy, but I didn’t want to push the limits. My husband absolutely loved this one. He said it reminded him of a few meals he ate in Afghanistan and Kurdistan while deployed there….but it’s a Portuguese inspired meal. Haha!
Instead of the grain rice this recipe uses, I decided to try cauliflower rice for the first time. And I must say, I am impressed! It was wonderful! After making the cauliflower rice, I followed the recipe for the rice. Highly recommend trying these two recipes together.

Simple Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes and green beans
This was a slam dunk recipe. Super simple and comforting. The only thing I wish I had thought of was to add mushrooms. Other than that, I followed this one exactly and it was fantastic.

Smothered Pork Chops with mashed potatoes and a chopped salad
This is definitely a good cold-weather recipe. Minimal ingredients, but packs a lot of flavor. This one calls for chicken broth, buuuuuut I didn’t have any so I substituted beef broth. Honestly, I think the beef broth pairs better with this recipe, but I don’t think chicken broth would make it any less tasty.

So there you have it. A week’s worth of dinner. And yes, I’m aware there are a lot of mashed potatoes featured, but I love them, my husband loves them, and my son loves them.

Happy cooking!


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