Better Late Than Never

Things in our home got a little busy following Thanksgiving and my food blog entries fell to the wayside. My apologies. But our Christmas decorations are up, my husband didn’t fall off the roof, we survived an endless snow day (this Florida girl does not fare well in frigid temps), and my son had a bit of a cold. There were a few order-in nights and it took a little while to get through one week’s menu. So here it is…

Best Buffalo Baked Ziti with broccoli
I was not the chef for this meal. Instead, I was at the salon getting a much needed tune up on my hair. We had a military ball to attend later in the week and I couldn’t show up looking like death warmed over. My husband said this was pretty easy to make and I say it was mighty tasty. I think it’s a great weekday meal.

Turkey Corn Chowder
The last of the leftover Thanksgiving turkey went into this pot. Wahoooooo! (This was made well before this blog post and not long after Thanksgiving.) This was actually a pretty tasty chowder. And perfect for those cold winter nights. My two year old even enjoyed this one!

Steak Dinner with potatoes and broccoli
Sometimes we like to keep it simple and make something we know is a winner. A good ol’ steak dinner is a staple in our household. Nothing beats a perfectly seared steak to a medium rare temperature. And I know this will sound crazy, but we love to add dried mint to the rub. It’s super delicious!

Mississippi Roast with mashed potatoes and baby carrots
Soooooo I was supposed to make this roast, but I ended up preoccupied around the time I needed to put it in the crock pot. We ended up using the roaster to make the roast. Which turned out superb! However, this is my go-to roast recipe. It’s always on point. Full of flavor and super easy!

Cheesy Garlic and Brown Sugar Pork Chops with sweet potato latkes
This pork chop recipe is one of the hubby’s favorites! Simple and consistent. The sweet potato latkes were a different story. The photos of them on the web page look great. The recipe seems easy enough. The end result – sweet potato hashbrowns. A few of them kiiiiind of remained intact, but the majority fell apart. They were still tasty and actually paired really well with the suggested sour cream.

Cheesy Bacon and Corn Stuffed Zucchini with rice
Awesome recipe! Fairly simple to make and quite filling. The zucchinis took longer to boil than the recipe states. Maybe I just bought thicker zucchinis…? The recipe doesn’t call for it, but when I gut the zucchini I usually chop up what I scooped out and add it to the bacon and corn mix. Waste not, want not.

Avocado and Tuna Tapas
This is a great recipe for that after-grocery-shopping dinner. I think the most difficult part is chopping up the pepper…or maybe opening and draining the cans of tuna. Either way, if you’re looking for a quick, simple, and healthy meal, this is it.


Well, ladies and gents, I’m back in the blogging groove….at least until the Christmas holiday rolls around. Then I may go AWOL for a for a few. I do have a Christmas dinner menu that I’ll share with you. A few of the Thanksgiving recipes are included. And if you’re interested in viewing how these scrumptious recipes look, follow my Instagram account @tfchronicles. Every time I cook a meal I post a pic. Happy cooking!


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