Is It Spring Yet?

**Friendly reminder: These are not my recipes unless stated otherwise.**

I don’t know about you, but I’m about over this cold weather. I’m a Florida girl living in Colorado. I will say, as far as snow goes, the area that I live in hasn’t been nearly as bad as many places in the US. But it has been a bit on the chillier side most days. Brrrrr!

Garlic Parmesan Wings with carrots, celery sticks, and fries
These were REALLY good! If you’re in a chicken wings mood I would recommend giving this recipe a try. They’re easy to make and definitely hit the spot and cheaper than heading out to a restaurant.


Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole
Great week night dinner. I love casseroles. They’re easy to make with minimal clean up. Almost as great as slow cooker meals…which are even easier to clean up. This recipe packs a lot of flavor. And if you’re not into a lot of spice, you can always take it down a notch. This time we did something a little different. While at Costco we found a guacamole salsa. It’s super delish (but quite spicy). Instead of the verde salsa, we used the guac salsa. Mighty tasty!


Caprese Steak with mashed potatoes and asparagus
This is one of our favorite go-to steak recipes. Gives steak and a caprese salad a nice twist. And please don’t cook the steak to well done. That just ruins everything. 😉


Enchilada Stuffed Shells
Always a hit in my home. I do deviate from the recipe a bit every time. It calls for refried beans and I HATE refried beans. They’re just not my thing. So to add flavor and substance in place of the beans I add chopped black olives (canned). I also used the guacamole salsa with this recipe. SO GOOD! This is a very tasty meal, buuuuut does take a bit of prep. Stuffing the shells isn’t always the easiest task, but in the end totally worth it! And don’t skimp on the cheese.


Buffalo Style Mozzarella Pork Chops with roasted potatoes and green beans
This recipe is a great way to get away from the typical pork chop recipes. Lots of flavor and they come out super moist! I always have issues when cooking pork, whether it’s a loin, roast, or chops, they never come out moist. No issue with this recipe though! And since the buffalo sauce is being baked, you don’t get a whole lot of the spice factor. Good recipe for week nights, too!


Slow Cooker Pork Roast with Apples, Carrots, and Rosemary with mashed potatoes
Great slow cooker pork recipe. There’s a ton of flavor and it’s super easy to put together and throw in the slow cooker. Also, whatever is left over makes for a great pulled pork sandwich! (No photo for this one.)


Italian Chicken Orzo Soup with French bread
This was the perfect soup for a snow day. My husband, who doesn’t care much for soups, was in charge of making this one…and he loved it! It was pretty straight forward as far as soups go. Tons and tons of flavor. It definitely paired well with some fresh French bread and topped with fresh grated parmesan. We have many more snow days ahead, so I see more of this soup hitting our table.


That’s all for today, folks! Please be sure to check out the other recipes featured on the websites I have provided links to. And don’t forget, you can see these photos on my Instagram account – tfchronicles. Happy cooking!


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